IKEA Down Comforter Review

When someone decides to buy a new piece of furniture for their home, the name “IKEA” often comes to their mind immediately.

In the realm of wooden furniture, no one doubts the quality and reputation of IKEA products.

What about Down Comforters?

If you wonder if IKEA Down Comforters are worth your money, this article is right for you.

I. IKEA Down Comforters

IKEA offers 3 kinds of Down Comforters, available in wide range of sizes from twin to king, based on 3 different materials – The Lyocell, Polyester and Down & Feather Comforters.

IKEA Down and Feather Comforters

IKEA Down and Feather Comforters

Regarding organic down clusters, there are only 2 of them has a higher rate of down in comparison with the feather.

These are the 2 models of Blekvide comforters pricing from $99 to $139.

For those who has a tighter budget below $100, the HÖNSBÄR and SÖTVEDEL are your appropriate choices. However, these aforementioned products will have much lower down cluster proportion and the insulation will be worse as a result.

The table below shows you the essential differences between these products.

Cover Thread Count 252/inch2 252/inch2 336/inch2
Weight of Inner Filling 820g 700g 745g
Total Weight 2,260g 2,330g 2,470g
Filling proportion

(Duck Down : Duck Feather)

10:90 75:25 90:10
Fill Power Unknown Unknown Unknown
Warm Rating Cooler, Warmer, Extra Warm Cooler, Warmer, Extra Warmer Cooler, Warmer


For more information related to Warm Rating, please visit this link.

II. IKEA Down Comforters Review

In fact, an 85% feather comforter is absolutely not a down comforter due to the lack of down characteristics – light weight, warm and crackle free.

The cover Thread Count varies from 252 to 336 which are moderate for leak proof. Therefore, the lifespan of IKEA Down Comforter is normal.

Therefore, stay away from the HÖNSBÄR and SÖTVEDEL in case you are looking for a genuine down comforter.

Goose down comforter is quite pricey. Normally, you have to pay more than 250$ for a hypoallergenic 100% goose down pillow with Fill Power more than 600. However, the most high-end down comforter of IKEA costs less than $150, which proves that the Swedish-based furniture company uses the duck down harvested in China.

One rule of thumb to keep in mind when choosing a down product – look at the Fill Power: The higher the better.

The down vs feather rate has nothing to do with the quality of the down.

IKEA hides the Fill Power from their Comforter page which is clearly a sign of not reliable down quality.

My advice: Let’s wait until the manufacturer publishes the Fill Power information on their site before purchasing this product.

Actually, an investment of more than $300 in a 600 Fill Power 100% Hungarian Goose Down Comforter which have a 15-year warranty is a wise choice. Simply put, you have to pay at least $20 a year to possess such a wonderful down duvet.

Alternative down comforter is also a great selection for those with a tight budget. They are hypoallergenic, machine washable, endurant, heavy-duty and great insulating. Most importantly, most of them cost less than a hundred bucks.

Final verdict, although IKEA is considered as a market leader, but they don’t specialize in producing down comforters. Therefore, I highly recommend you to find other famous brands in the down bedding realm.

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