IKEA Down Comforter Review

Cozy beds are always a preferred way to relax. Whether it’s the summer season or winters, soft, comfy and relaxing comforters make you feel easy and even more relaxed. Ikea being concerned about providing only the quality products that bring a unique way to enjoy the lifestyle accessories also offer high-quality comforters. The comforters have a wide range of types of filling making sure that every user may get the level of comfort they need. Among the many types, down comforters prove to be more popular due the cozy soft feel and warmth they offer. To provide you with a detailed Ikea down comforter review and proper understanding of what you may expect from it, here are a few top options and the main feature you should know to compare.

Top 3 Ikea down comforter reviews

#1. Ikea Comforter Sotvedel Down Full / Queen,More Fill for Extra Warm Comfort

Ikea Comforter Sotvedel Down Full / Queen

Editor's Rating: 4.8/5 Overall Score

Ikea comforter with Sotvedel down fill comes with extra fill for providing more warmth to the user in the winter season. It is made of cotton fabric and provides soft and comfortable finish so that it enhancesthe warmth of the comforter. It comes with enough filling to keep you warm in winters. The cover ismade of cotton with the 252 thread count that keeps the filling safe inside.The filling of the comforter includes 75 percent duck down and 25 percent are duck feather to provide a comfortable combination of warmth and luxuriously soft feel.


  • The comforter has boxed construction to keep the filling in proper places so no cold sport are there
  • It is soft and warm with a comfortable feel to keep the user relaxed in winters
  • The intermediate walls offer air flow to keep the user sweat free and easy
  • The feathers inside reduce the moisture content by absorbing it so no need to worry about sweating


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#2. Ikea Comforter Down Full / Queen Less Fill for Cooler Comfort, Blekvide

Ikea Comforter Down Full / Queen Less Fill for Cooler Comfort, Blekvide

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

For conditions where you have long summers and most of the time the temperature is higher but still you have to stay comfy in our bed, there is always a need to have a cool and cozy comforter that would not keep you dipped in sweat while you are sleeping. For this, you may need this Ikea comforter with less down filling for making sure the air passes through the comforter easily and draws the heat out to keep you feeling cool in summers.


  • This is a thin comforter with lesser fill so you stay cool and cozy in your bed all summer.
  • The cover is made of polyester and cotton which is easier to manage, clean and dry quickly.
  • Free of allergies and dust mite issues.
  • It is machine washable at 140 degrees and doesn't need extra care when you need to keep it clean.


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#3. Ikea Honsbar Comforter, King Size, Cooler with Less Fill

Ikea Honsbar Comforter, King Size, Cooler with Less Fill

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

Ikea Honsbar comforter with lesser fill offers 90 percent duck feather filling and 10 percent down filling that is encased in the cotton cover with a soft and cozy feel on the outside. Due to the lesser fill, this one is best for summers and in the regions where the temperature is higher than average.It keeps the body cooler and ensures you don’t build up the heat in the bed by flowing the air through the thin filling and cotton cover. Though it can be washed in the machine but tumble dry, ironing and bleaching are not allowed.


  • The comforter is best for the warmer climatic condition as having lesser down fill inside.
  • The cotton cover allows the air to pass through for keeping it cool.
  • It is machine washable and free from dust mites and allergens.
  • It is totally eco-friendly and made with renewable materials for better health and environment.


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What kind of IKEA comforter should I buy for summers?

For summers you need to buy a comforter having lesser fill inside to ensure there is enough room left for air to pass through it and maintain a lowered temperature in the bed.

Can we wash IKEA comforter in a washing machine?

IKEA comforters are machine washable and can be washed in hot water that also kills the germs and dust mites easily.

Are IKEA comforters free of dust mites and allergens?

Ikea comforters are free of allergens and dust mites and can be maintained for a long time if washed according to the given instructions.

Do IKEA comforter feature box stitching?

The Ikea comforter does come up with boxed stitching to keep the comforter fillings in place and this makes sure it would not shift to one side.

Do IKEA comforters fit in an averagely sized duvet cover?

Mostly, if you buy the desired size and have selected the correct option according to the mentioned size, the IKEA comforters fit in perfectly in queen size, king size, and double duvet covers. You just need to focus on the sizing options and select the correct option so that you dint have to struggle with the cover selection issues.


As a whole, when you look at an Ikea comforter you might feel quite clear about having it for you in any season you have to cope with. The main advantage of having an IKEA comforter is that it is easier to determine for which season you need and which one would be the best one for you. Due to the fact, the comforter comes with mentioned seasonal appropriateness based on the amount of filling inside you can easily get an idea which one you will find appropriate for you to use. The lesser filling is great for summers and comforters with more filling offer enough warmth in winters. So, it is easy to choose, easier to maintain and if you have read through the top rated IKEA down comforter review here you can find one that would be your companion for years after years.