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How to Clean Your Dirty Comforters – Preparation, Washing Stains And Dry Them

PART 1: Preparation prior to cleaning Mind the comforter labelThe best way to approach washing your comforters is to take a look at the label and decipher what are the care instructions left from the manufacturer. You should be able to complete this rather simple task at home with pretty much whatever detergent you […]


IKEA Down Comforter Review

Cozy beds are always a preferred way to relax. Whether it’s the summer season or winters, soft, comfy and relaxing comforters make you feel easy and even more relaxed. Ikea being concerned about providing only the quality products that bring a unique way to enjoy the lifestyle accessories also offer high-quality comforters. The comforters have […]


Ways To Put On Your Down Comforter Cover Without Any Hassle

Duvet covers are becoming very popular all over the world because of the warmth and comfort it brings when combined with duvet or a best down comforter ( It is recognized internationally as the bedding that’s easy to care and maintain. Here are other reasons why people just love using duvet covers: It can be […]


How to Tell When It Is Time to Replace Your Down Comforter

A down comforter is like a quilt or a thick blanket that is filled with smooth feathers of duck or geese. These comforters are extremely soft, light, luxurious and warm. It gives warmth to your body when you snuggle into it during cold winter days. In these remarkably popular down comforters, the feathers are spread […]


Preventing Your Comforter Cover from Slipping Out Of Its Down Comforter

Have you ever woken up holding just your duvet cover and searching for your duvet or top rated down comforter? Have you ever tried waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t find your duvet and you’re freezing to death? Many people are having the same problems with their duvet cover slipping […]


Extra Long Twin Comforter Review

An extra long twin comforter could always have you experiencing comfort as you sleep. Comfort translates to better and longer hours of sleep, which would then result to a much better health for you as well. Sleep plays a major role in the correct functioning of the body and with an extra long twin comforter […]


Royal Hotel’s King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter Review

Introduction During hard frozen winter, a comfy down comforter is absolutely indispensable for a good and cozy sleep. Imagine that the whole family cuddles up together under the coziest quilt and watching the brand-new phenomenal HBO Westworld TV Series in the Sunday evening… Nothing warmly happier than that! Winter is coming, beside saving at least […]


How To Wash A Down Comforter

A soft and smooth down comforter is the best choice for a cozy cold night, but a lumpy deflated comforter does not give you the same cozy and comfy effect. During the hot summer, you might have stored the bedding in moisture-resistant bags, when it removed, it will be clean but the down becomes flat. […]