Preventing Your Comforter Cover from Slipping Out Of Its Down Comforter

Change duvet cover

Have you ever woken up holding just your duvet cover and searching for your duvet or top rated down comforter? Have you ever tried waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t find your duvet and you’re freezing to death?
Many people are having the same problems with their duvet cover slipping out of the duvet. This is very common because our duvet and its cover is not stitched together and can slip around when we move.

Typical reasons why your duvet is missing its cover are the following:

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  • When you grab the edge of your duvet cover to cover your face while you sleep.
  • If you’re a typical side sleeper that constantly changes their position while asleep.

By doing this all throughout the night, you keep on making a gap between your duvet and its cover. With this gap getting bigger every time you move, you’ll be left out with just the cover and the duvet itself slipping through your bed.

Importance of having a duvet cover

The duvet is a fragile component of your bed. It’s typically made from wool, feathers, down or other stuffing that is man-made. Typically, people do not wash duvets because it will ruin the fillings and the overall comfort that it brings. That’s why a duvet cover, just like a pillowcase, is important.
There are a lot of reasons why use duvet covers; here are just some of them:
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  • People do not want to wash dirty duvets because it will get snagged, soiled or ruined. That’s why people would prefer to cover it and just clean the cover itself.
  • No one enjoys washing a large and heavy duvet. Cleaning a large pillowcase is easier and would take lesser time.
  • It’s easier and cheaper to change sheet sets rather than constantly changing your duvet. Plus, regularly changing your sheet sets is typically done by everyone to follow the changing the seasons and to prevent any dust mites from getting to your pillows, bed and duvet.


Simple way to prevent your duvet covers from slipping its duvet

To give solution to your night time problems, we have a simple trick that you can easily do at the comfort of your home to keep your duvet covers in place.
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  • Take a piece of fabric, large shoelace or a large cord.
  • Cut your material into four pieces. The first two pieces should have a length of 10-12” and the other two should be 3” in length.
  • Get the two small pieces and sew it on the top two corners on the outside edge of your duvet.
  • Next, take your duvet cover and turn it inside out. Get the two large pieces and sew it on the top two corners of your cover.
  • Bring the sewn pieces together so that you can bring the duvet cover and your comforter together.
  • Tie into a bow the two sewn pieces and repeat the process for the other corners.
  • Lastly, pull down the duvet cover to the comforter and close it in place.

With your duvet cover sewn to your duvet, no matter how much you pull the cover while you sleep or how much you move at night, the duvet won’t slip out of its place leaving you all warm all throughout the night