How to buy down comforter


It’s great to tuck yourself in your beloved bed, especially when it is freezing out there. But to do that, you’re going to need a good comforter first. With that being said, our article aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge when it comes to buying a suitable comforter. Here are our useful tips for choosing the right comforter. Hopefully, you will find them helpful.

Check the down fill

Down type

Although it’s down comforters that we’re talking about, you could be mistaken 100% down products with those that also has feathers in it. Don’t become overly excited unless you’ve confirmed the information. You should look for products with 100% natural down fill since there is no point in buying a down comforter with feathers inside. Not only will they decrease your satisfaction, but synthetic down comforters would be a much better choice in this case. Also, mind the origin of the down fill.

Fill power

This indicates how much down fill are stuffed inside your comforter. Higher values mean that the comforter is capable of delivering better warmth. On top of that, products will higher down fill will also heavier than others.

Check the shell


There are two common materials that manufacturers often use to make comforter shell, nylon and cotton. Although the first one will help to reduce the cost for your comforters, you might not like nylon products since they tend to produce noises when you sleep. Plus, they’re not as comfortable as cotton shells. So, you should go for cotton or microfiber shell

Thread count

The amount of thread count indicates how much thread on a square inch of the shell. If the number is high, your comforter will tend to last longer and less likely to have leakage. On the other hand, products with low thread count will increase the chance of down escaping.


For most cases, comforters that have baffle box or diamond box design are recommended. It is because that they provide better warmth as the down fill are kept inside each box, thus ensure that they are evenly distribute. On top of that, this type of design also prevent shifting and increase the product’s longevity.

Other factors which you should put your mind to is the edge finishing and stitching. A nice and clean finishing ensure the down fill packed inside the shell. Plus, it delivers you a luxury element to your comforter. The stitching must also at good quality since it will guarantee that the down stay in place and your comforter can last longer.


To ensure that the comforter is suitable for you, its weight and size are two important factors that need serious consideration. There are many different sizes available in the market, make sure it fits you and your bed. The weight should be enough to provide the cozy feeling but shouldn’t be too much to make you feel uncomfortable.


A simple but beneficial features for those with down allergies. If sneezing and itching are what keep you from getting the perfect down comforter (click here to find out more), then you should definitely look for those with this feature.