Best Down Comforter : Goose, Lightweight And Brand Reviews

Need to stay cuddly, cozy and comfortable all year around? Let’s see how people are staying easy in their beds regardless of the seasonal differences by using some of the down comforter brands available on the market.

Need to stay cuddly, cozy and comfortable all year around? Let’s see how people are staying easy in their beds regardless of the seasonal differences by using some of the down comforter brands available on the market. Most of us have heard about the uses and benefits` of having the best down comforter in summer and winters, but less known are the fact about the specific differences and benefits of having the particular down comforters according to the seasonal values and how these comforters can be chosen as per our needs.

Things to consider before you buy a down comforter

Buying a comforter may need a little bit of understanding and a keen eye on the details provided with the comforters you are comparing to find out the best for you and the comforter reviews shared by others. It is important because when you are investing for the sake of your comfort, you should do it wisely. To ease your way in doing the research the right way, here are a few things you should focus on saving your time and get the best out of the hundreds and thousands of products available to you. Most of the times you can get enough help from consumer reports online which provides detailed user reviews for your help.

Determine the warmth level you need

The warmth or the level of aeration you need to have in your bed is one of the most basic things that determine your preferences regarding the selection of any comforter. Due to the fact, the main purpose of buying a comforter is to either feel warm when it’s cold outside or to stay cool and cozy when you are living in a hot region.

Determine the warmth level you need

You may need to feel easy while staying in your bed with a comforter on you. Some people may want to have a heavier comforter on them to keep them warm and cuddly all night, but sometimes very heavy comforters are uneasy, may not let the air flow in and cause sweating and discomfort.

Look for the required fill power

Fill power is one of the most essential and root features that determine the actual quality and related characteristics of a down comforter. The fill power refers to the amount of space that a single ounce cluster of down can fill in cubic inches. It is also the loft provided by the cluster of the down. The more the fill power, the loftier are the clusters and more down fibers will be there in per cubic inches.

Synthetic down or pure down

It is quite clear that when you buy a comforter for winters or for the summers, you will have many options based on various factors and features that make each and every comforter unique and special in its construction. So, one of the factors, or the features that are important to know beforehand is the presence of natural or synthetic filling in the comforter that has been presented as a down comforter.

In addition to these factors, there are certainly other factors that might affect the suitability of a comforter for you that includes: The thread count and quality of the cover, Structure, and sewing pattern features and its importance, Non-allergic or hypoallergenic, Cost and pricing and the general features of each individual type of comforter.

Top 10 Best Rated Down Comforter Reviews on 2017

#1. Best Goose down comforter- LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

 LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

Goose down comforter is no doubt the choice for the people who need a slightly warmer comforter which is heavier as compared to the down alternative filling. It is therefore recommended that you should choose a goose down comforter if you need a long lasting, lofty, comparatively heavy and warm comforter for the winter season. People living in colder regions or where there is a cold weather most of the times, always enjoy having a pure goose down comforter which has pure goose down filling inside.

Among many of the available options that claim to have pure goose down inside, this is one of the most popular and trusted pure goose down comforter.This luxury Goose down comforter has pure, lofty goose down providing all the comfort and warmth that makes you feel cozy and relaxed without leaving your body sweat dipped. Due to the loft and the well-aerated goose down clusters, the filling stays well aerated and ventilated making the comforter suitable for any climatic condition for moderate to the cold region.

The main reason people love this comforter is its well spread 750 fill power of down filling that makes it perfect for a soft and comfy feel. It has 50 OZ fill weight with pure goose down ensuring high quality and long-lasting comfort for years.The comforter is available in 4 international sizes ranging from twin, queen, King and California King. In addition to that, the 1200 TC Egyptian Cotton cover, lets the down stay inside the comforter and keep it safe from sneaking out of it and maintain the soft and plush feel for a luxurious sleep. It also allows you to stay allergy free and provides a hypoallergenic comforter without any sneezing or itching issues.The channeled filling with baffled box construction keeps the filling stay in place without drifting in the corners, which helps in maintaining a well-distributed comforter for a luxurious feel.

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#2. Best Lightweight down comforter- Natural Comfort White down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber Shell

Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber Shell

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

Down filled comforters are loftier and heavier than down alternative and synthetic filled comforter. When you need a comforter for the summer season which is lightweight, cool and keeps you sweat free, then you may consider buying a down alternative comforter for the summer season or for a year-round use.You can find many alternative comforter brands that offer lightweight and comfy comforters for all seasons.

This Natural Comfort product is one of the trusted products providing a comfortable, lightweight comforter for a cozy yet cool feel in summers and perfect insulation for moderately cold winters. It is made of 100% polyester filling that makes it feel lighter and still provides enough insulation and comfort and is good for night sweats when it is used in warm climates.This luxury down comforter is made to match all the international standards and is made of imported materials that comply with the health and safety standards as well.

The materials used in the comforter is 100 percent new and comes covered with microfiber embossed cover that provides hypo-allergenic products to suit each and every user. Further, due to the presence of high-quality polyester filling and well distributes structure, the comforter is very easy to maintain and clean without any hassles and extraordinary care problems.The comforter is available in four different sizes which make it easier for you to select the appropriate size for your use.

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#3. For winter: Snowman White Goose Down Comforter 100% Cotton Shell -Down Proof

Snowman White Goose Down Comforter 100% Cotton Shell

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

Choosing a comforter for winter requires you to compare the products which provide enough warmth for a warm and cozy feel whereas you may also have to focus on the sweat free feature that most of the high-quality luxury comforters posses. Though you may find a slight variation in the warmth level of various comforters brands but among many of these you need to find that has a perfect loft for better insulation as well as sufficient aeration to keep you sweat free and warm at the same time.

It is quite sure that the goose down or pure goose down comforters are perfect for winters and are suitable for use in cold climates.The fill power of the down plays an important role in this. To make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find the perfect comforter for the winter season, you may consider looking into this white goose down comforter that promises a hypoallergenic and comfortable comforter for perfect warmth and luxurious feel in the winter season.In addition to this, the 100% cotton cover and the baffled box construction makes the down stay inside without leaving its space and keeps it well organized throughout the comforter.

The materials are imported hence no issues with the quality of the comforter and can be used long terms. It has a construction that provides a breathable warmth and may not cause sweating and allergies, at all.The anti-mite, hypoallergenic, breathable soft and plush out cover makes it a luxurious comforter for a year-long usage.The comforter is available in queen, king, and twin sizes and offers 8 loops on 4 sides to connect the outer cover so that the comforter will stay intact and will stay in shape inside the cover.

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#4. For allergies:  Queen Comforter Duvet Insert White 

Queen Comforter Duvet Insert White

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

This queen size comforter looks easy and snuggly designed for modern homes. It has a medium to light weighing filling which provides comfort and sufficient warmth for a year long use without sweating issues.The siliconized filling ensures perfect insulation and warmth whereas keeps the body at an optimum temperature so that you can feel rested and easy in your bed.In addition to its comfort features, the comforter also comes with allergy barrier features that make it a great fit for allergy patients hence causes no problems for allergic people.

Since it is made up of down alternative filling and has a soft and plush outer cover and have a box like stitching to prevent shifting of the filling inside the comforter, you can wash it in your washing machine using the mild wash mode.The siliconized filling gives a cloud-like a feel and warmth. The allergy barrier offers dust mite resistance and mildew protection along with protection from allergies. The comforter is available in 4 different sizes to make it convenient to choose.

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#5. Cheap/Low cost down comforter: Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter 

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5 Overall Score

Where there is nothing for your home available under 100 USD or under 300 USD, you must be looking for an economic solution for your bedding. You can buy a quality comforter like this Chezmoi Collection White goose down alternative comforter at a price as low as 40 USD. Though you may find many cheap products on the market, but you should never be compromising the quality while saving your money. You can buy this quality comforter as the best thing your money can buy.

This one comes with goose down alternative filling that is kept in place with the help of box stitch structure and piped edging. It is also cornered with four tabs that help in keeping the comforter in place in the duvet cover.The filling has appropriate loft and cozy feel for a luxurious comfort, though it is not too thick but provide comfortable and soft feel.The comforter is perfect for those who need a budget friendly yearlong comforter without breaking the comfort rules and quality standards. It is easy to use and maintain and can be washed in a machine as well. You can find it in 3 different sizes and double pack as well.

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#6. For the summer: Down Alternative Comforter / Duvet Insert By Exceptional sheets

Down Alternative Comforter

For the summer season, you need a soft and plush comforter that provides luxuriously cool comfort that minimizes the sweating process in your body and keep your body at an optimum temperature. This comforter has a down alternative filling of Poly Fiber that makes it lightweight and easy to use. It gives the soft and cozy feel and keeps you well aerated no matter how long you are in your bed, you will not suffering from heating problem.

It has a boxed stitching style to keep the filling in place and also comes with loops on the four corners to stay in place in the duvet cover. Due to Poly Fiber filling, there is no problem if you wash it and dry in a washing machine using the gentle wash setting. It is safe for use and helps in avoiding allergies and other health related issues. Due to light weight and appropriate aeration through the filling, it is perfect for the summer season and for warm climates.

#7.  All season Comforter:  Queen Comforter, Year Round Down Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert

Queen Comforter, Year Round Down Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert

Editor's Rating: 4.9/5 Overall Score

This comforter by Hanna Kay is an excellent example of a soft, plushy year Round comfort that keeps you relaxed and cozy in any climatic condition or weather. No matter where you live, you can have this one for a comfortable and easy sleep.The filling in this comforter makes it resist moisture in the environment and also helps in avoiding allergies. So, it will be a health packed solution for your bedding for all seasons.

The out cover is soft and plush and keeps the filling in it without leaking out. The closed box like stitching of the comforter keeps its filling in place so that you get a well-distributed comfort all over your bed.Cozy, light weight and soft construction with sufficient air flow help in maintaining the body temperature regardless of the temperature around you so that you can sleep better and longer when you have to relax.

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#8. Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter

Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter

Editor's Rating: 4.3/5 Overall Score

Pacific Coats European Down comforter offers high quality comforter with loftier, puffier and cozy stuffed down inside it. It is filled with Pyrenees down that provides a 650 fill power meaning that the loft is more and weight is less that gives you comfort and warmth at the same without feeling uneasy. Additionally the comforter is structured to gives you a well-distributed comfort and cover with the help of baffled box construction for keeping the loft and fill same on all sides.

The comfort lock border keeps the comforter in its best shape and form on all sides.The outer cover is made of Barrier weave fabric that keeps the Hyperclean down safe inside and allows no leaking out of the filling. The 100% Egyptian cotton cover with 420 T, keeps you cozy and feels soft for greater comfort and luxurious feel.It doesn’t need frequent cleaning and washing and dry clean is recommended when required.

It is made in USA that confirms the quality standards are met and also the product is backed by the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to make sure you are never in trouble. Some issues that consumers have reported are the slightly different sizing as compared to the standard sizes and also shifting issues from the baffled box holes if you wash it in a machine at home or after frequent usage you may feel slight shifts of the filling.

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#9. Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Comforter

Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Feather Comforter

Editor's Rating: 4/5 Overall Score

Pinzon Hypoallergenic white goose down comforter provides a year round comfort with the help of a unique blend of 75 percent pure goose down and 25 percent down fiber filling that gives it maximum loft and soft fill to allow the air to flow in easily and keeps the comforter in shape for a long time. The comforter is made in USA and complies with all the international standards as an imported product.Due to the blended filling the comforter provides a medium level of warmth so that you can use it all year round in all seasons.

The structure of the comforter comprises of Permabaffel interior which is a patented 14 inch baffled box construction that makes you’re your comforter will stay in shape with equally distributed filling with the help of end-to end baffled boxes.The outer cover is made of 400TC stripped dobby cover that holds the 40 ounces of filling safe inside and provides a soft plush feel outside.The down inside the comforter has a 600FP to keep you warm and cuddly and makes the comforter loftier than other comforters. It can be washed in a washing machine and provides easy maintenance options for the user.

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#10. Cuddledown 233TC Down Comforter, King, Level 1

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

This Cuddle down comforter is one of the introductory options that you can try out for a yearlong use. It comes with European down filling inside which provides comfort and warmth without making the comforter heavy or extremely warm.It is completely hypoallergenic and is suitable for use in any condition and for anyone who needs a cuddly comforter for a cozy night’s sleep.The filling has a 600 FP that ensures a considerable loft to keep the comforter warm and cuddly as well as well aerated and soft with no allergy issues.The cover is made of pure cambric cotton having a 233 TC, soft and plushy cover to enhance the comfort level and luxury of the comforter. It is made in USA and ensures using high quality materials.

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Down Comforter FAQ

How to prevent the comforter from slipping out of its out cover?

Keeping your down comforter in a duvet cover is the best thing you can do to keep it clean and in a nice condition for a longer life. But if you just throw it in the cover, it would not be able to stay in place and may get jumbled inside. To keep it in place, you may buy a duvet cover that has loops on the four corners and the comforter has these loops as well. In this way, you can keep it in place. Or else you can use safety pins if you need to fix the issue on an urgent basis. 

How should I clean my down comforter?

It is always recommended that if you have a pure down comforter you should dry clean it once in every 3 or 5 years depending on its use and level of cleanliness. Washing pure down comforter in a washing machine is not suitable. Though some manufacturers do provides certain instruction for washing the comforters in a machine but it happens mostly in case of down alternative comforters.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Down Comforter?

Pure down comforter stays in shape with all their features for a very long time. Their life extends further if you take good care of your comforter. But you may want to replace it in case you feel a deterioration in its warmth or softness or you experience leakage of the filling on various sides. In case your comforter has started to form lumps in its filling or it has been damaged due to some reasons, or you may want to buy a better and more suitable one, only then you may have to buy or replace a comforter.

How to increase the fluff and loft of a comforter?

To keep your comforter fluffy or increase its fluffiness after a long time use, you should make sure that you keep the comforter in the open air to let the air pass through it and aerate the down to improve the loft. You can follow doing it on a regular basis and you can feel the difference in the softness and fluffiness of the comforter.


Most of the comforters that we can find on amazon and around the world offer comfort and softness for an easy sleep time. But all you need to be sure is that you should keep a balance in the required features so that you may get a reliable product for your use that can prove to be the best down comforter for you. You should be able to find the actual comforter value based on its features and its worth as compared to the price you have to pay in order to buy the selected comforter. So, to make sure you get the desired product, you have to compare them and analyze the features correctly so that it serves the way that is desirable. Here we have found some of the best options for each of your specific needs based on the comforter reviews found on Amazon and other authentic sites online so that you can pick the best that you need.

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