There are a total of 3 health pillars which are Diet, Exercise and finally, a good sleep. A restful night will have obviously positive impacts on your emotion, health, relationships and career. Although we all sleep, this biological cycle is still an interesting mystery that scientists are currently researching and studying to find the complete answers. Therefore, Rest Judge is dedicated to the mission of NATURALLY improving your sleep, curing the unpleasant sleep disorders that you have to suffer every night.


Whether you are struggling with sleep disorders like insomnia, excessive sleep, sleep talking, sleepwalking, apnea, sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, snoring, nightmares or you are simply searching the powerful tactics to improve your relatives’ or your employees’ sleep, this blog is right for you.

In this blog, you will find:

  1. The detailed instructions on how to choose all of the necessary bedding stuffs such as the best down pillows, the best down comforter or the best down alternative comforter for those who lives in cold weather regions; For tropical weather, there are also buying guides for wool mattress pad, woolly bollas pillow, cotton percale sheets or a lightweight organic cotton blanket.
  1. The useful tips and case studies about nutrition, exercises, bedroom decoration, biological knowledge and all the natural tools and treatments that support your sleep.
  1. All the useful and proven advices from all of the top sleep experts.

What you will NOT find in this blog?

All the information regarding to chemical or physical treatments such as antianxiety, calmative, neuroleptic, sedative, tranquilizer…

In a nutshell:

Rest Judge website attempts to provide a systematic, comprehensive and concise summary of advices on how to naturally improve the quality of your sleep and therefore, make your life full of joys and happiness.