Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillow Review

Good night sleeps are always accompanied with suitable bedding items. Aside from the comforters, pillows are one of the most important elements that are not to be taken lightly. Our detailed and thorough review of the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow will provide you the necessary information when it comes to buying down pillows. So, take your time to consider whether it is right for you.

Manufactured information:

- 100% cotton cover with 500 thread count

- White goose down with 75% down ratio

- 750 fill power with 45oz fill weight

- Standard/Queen size: 20 x 28 inches


The Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow is manufactured with premium Hungary white goose down. To be more specific, they will provide the maximum loft and support while making your bed appear more luxurious.

Moreover, the edges are finished with fine double silky piping which provides a neat and professional look. The fine stitching will also ensure down leaking is reduced to the minimum.

The pillow is quite firm for down products but softer than memory foam ones.

It comes with purified white down that help preventing bacteria and reduce the odor which could build up after extended use.

The cover is made from 100% cotton with 500 thread count. Moreover, treated cotton will also deliver excellent hypoallergenic feature and dust resistant.

The package comes with one pillow and a beautiful zippered bag


The down pillow provides suitable firm for back sleepers. Moreover, it delivers the right amount of support to keep you from sinking down while maintaining the suitable comfort.

You can use a dryer to fluff your down pillow after cleaning it. On top of that, normal fluff processes can also be applied.

One thing most customers will find tempting is that if you haven’t satisfied with the firmness, you can contact their customer support to receive the medium and soft versions.

The Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow will give you an overall look of a fine manufactured product with accurate stitching and luxurious design. On top of that, the double silky piping also delivers a clean finish to the pillow.

You can use the included zippered bag for long-term storage.


Side sleepers might find it hard to adjust their position to the pillow since it is harder than standard down pillows. Especially for those with neck and shoulder pain.

The average thread count sometimes can’t handle all the feathers. Thus, your sleep might be interrupted with itchiness. Definitely not good for sensitive sleepers. Hope they can fix it in the future.

Dry cleaning is the only recommended method for cleaning your pillow. This is because that the down texture could be easily damaged if exposed to water.


Although the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow is undoubtedly a fine product, everybody preferences are different from each other, so you should consider the essential factors that you think will affect your sleeping experience the most. Hopefully, our comprehensive review has provided the information you need.