How to wash down pillows 

wash down pillows Everything needs cleaning once in a while, some needs cleaning less frequently than others. In today’s article, I will talk about how you can clean, or more correctly, wash your down pillow. It is advisable that you should not wash them as often as you would with regular pillow but let’s look into more details regarding this matter.

What is a down pillow?

A down pillow is basically just like an ordinary pillow. The difference is in the filling of it. Regular pillow are filled with cottons or some synthetic material whereas down pillow are fill with poultry feathers such as goose and ducks. Hence, they are also more expensive as well. Now that you know what a down pillow is, we will move on to the washing

Before the washing

First, read the instruction.

Some down pillows can be washed in water while other are dry cleaned only. Some can be washed by machine whereas others are so delicate that it can only be manually cleaned. Read the instruction carefully before the washing and you will avoid any unwanted damage to your fluffy pillow.

Next, check for tears

If there are any small rips or tears on the surface of the pillow, fix it first before washing it.  Washing the torn pillow can lead to the tear becoming bigger and possibly, beyond repair. You never want that to happen to your precious and comfy down pillow, right?

During the washing

For mechanical washing, set the washing machine to a moderate cycle and set temperature to warm. Don’t use heavy duty detergent as it could ruin the pillow, use mild one and add water to the machine. Wait for a few minutes then put your down pillow in. This will mix the detergent and the water together thoroughly so that the soap is distributed evenly for better cleaning quality

For manual washing, you are going to need something big to hold your pillow, a bathtub is high recommended. Fill the tub with enough water to do the washing, add mild detergent and stir up the water so that the soap is dissolved. Put your pillow in and start washing it. Remember to do this as gently as possible so as not to damage the down pillow.

After the washing

You could dry it naturally or you can do it on your own term. If it is sunny outside, take the pillow out to let it dry. If not, put it in the dryer and set a medium heat setting. Every 30 minutes, take the pillow out and fluff it to let it cool down and to avoid scorching then put it back in the dryer. Keep doing this until the pillow is completely dry.

*Small tips: throw some dry towels in the dryer along with your down pillow. They will speed up the drying process dramatically.

That was the steps on how to wash your down pillow. If you want to find out more about some useful household tips and trick, click here to visit our website.